Rebecca (Pohl) Liette

Rebecca (Pohl) Liette is the Vice President of Marketing at Pohl Transportation, a family business started by her father. Growing up in the industry, Rebecca says, “The smell of diesel and oil are smells of my childhood!” Rebecca, who’s been working in the industry for 14 years now, says that what she’s always loved most about trucking is the wonderful people that come into your life and comradery with peers across the industry saying, “It is such a special industry to be in!”

Rebecca believes that more women need to be aware of how much potential there is in this industry. She says, “I think when people hear the word transportation, they strictly think of driving a truck. Yes, women can drive, and we love our women drivers, but there are just so many facets to this industry. In the office alone there is dispatching, billing, safety, women can be mechanics, and then you can step to the other side of it and work the docks, work in the shipping/receiving department, and then you can look at fuel stops, working the desk, etc. There is honestly something for everyone in this field.”

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