TMAF resources with PR and marketing materials, key messages, talking points and the TMAF logo.

Pullup Banners

Contact us for the high resolution files of these banners and print them locally:

TMAF members are encouraged to spread the positive message of trucking to all interested parties. 

  • Encourage employees and other interested groups to join the movement at
  • Submit your organization’s social media manager or contact to get them involved in the TMAF social media calendar and committee. Contact us at
  • Participate in internal and community education programs. How? Be on the lookout for TMAF representatives and our mascot, Safety Sammy, at trucking conferences and trade shows each year or inquire with us at
  • Set aside a percentage of your advertising buys to promote TMAF. Previous TMAF Advertisements are shown below. Contact us for the latest creative ads.
  • Feature a TMAF generic or customized ad in your organization’s publication or employee newsletter. See branding guidelines.
  • Incorporate TMAF messaging into speeches and other corporate communications. View the TMAF external messaging at How to Talk About TMAF below.
  • Engage employees to donate by selling the TMAF buttons, back door truck decals, or other movement-branded materials at your company events, or through an employee challenge or giveaway drawing. Email us at to place an order.
  • Incorporate the TMAF logo into your business materials; business cards and stationary; company facilities; company notices; invoices, email signatures, etc. Logos can be downloaded below.
  • Put a link to the TMAF website and donate page on your organization’s website or internal employee hub.
  • Incorporate the TMAF initiative into company videos and other internal employee programs.

Movement Key Messages:

  • Trucks drive safely
    •  The trucking industry is safer than ever before.
    • Trucks traveled 300 billion miles in one year.
  • Trucks drive sustainability
    • New technology has made the trucking industry more efficient and sustainable.
    • Trucks used for business purposes consumed 45.6 billion gallons of fuel – 36.5 billion gallons of diesel fuel and 9.1 billion gallons of gasoline. 
  • Trucks drive America’s economy
    • Trucking is essential to America’s economy. Trucking contributes $732.3 billion in gross freight revenues.
    • Trucking supports over 7 million jobs throughout the country, including 3.36 million professional truck drivers.
  • Trucks drive communities
    • Trucks are essential to local communities – they provide disaster relief following natural disasters, and are a strong community partner.
    • Trucking is there during natural disasters, oftentimes as a first responder. For example, after Hurricane Florence struck southern coastal communities in 2018, trucking united to help those in need by collecting donations and delivering the supplies to communities impacted by the storm. One truck driver created a mobile Noah’s Ark to rescue animals from shelters before and after the storm.
  • Trucks drive technology and innovation
    • The trucking industry spends at least $10 billion annually on safety technology.
    • In addition to safety and environmental advances, new truck technology is improving the quality of food and other goods upon their delivery. For example, temperature-controlled trailers increase longevity of fresh items, significantly reducing waste and cost while making consumers happier.
    • The trucking industry has embarked on technologies that help engage brakes automatically before an impending crash. These systems can reduce fatalities by as much as 57% in the future.

When speaking with…

  • Drivers
    • Trucking Moves America Forward works year-round to educate the motoring public on the essential role that truck drivers play in our daily lives and communities. The food in your fridge, medicine in your cabinet, and gas in your car, were all brought to you by a truck. Most Americans don’t realize that the daily goods that keep their lives supplied were delivered to them by a hardworking American truck driver. In fact, trucking serves over 80% of America’s communities. Our movement spreads these messages to all Americans to share the positive stories of trucking and improve the industry’s overall image. We also highlight the great sense of pride felt from the 3.6 million professional truck drivers traveling across the country who know they are contributing to their communities and our economy. Trucking Moves America Forward was designed to make all members of the trucking industry feel pride in being an essential part of the American economy.
  • Mechanics
    • The trucking industry is not just the 3.6 million professional truck drivers that take to the road every day, but a network of 7.95 million professionals that move America’s economy. Trucking Moves America Forward seeks to make all members of the trucking industry feel pride in their industry and highlight the important role all professionals play in making trucking an essential part of our economy. The trucking industry would not have a strong record of safety or efficiency without the skilled and professional mechanics that ensure drivers and their cargo make it to their destinations safely.
  • Vendors
    • Every day, over 3.36 million professional truck drivers take to our nation’s highways as an essential part of moving our nation’s economy. Vendors that supply truck stops and travel plazas play a major role in making sure professional truck drivers find hospitality and comfort on the road. Trucking Moves America Forward highlights all sectors of the American trucking industry and educates various audiences on the importance the trucking industry has on our daily lives.
  • Motoring public
    • Over seven million trucking professionals work every day to make sure essential items in your homes and offices are directly delivered to your community. The 3.6 million professional truck drivers you see driving alongside you on the roads are only half of a major industry that is a major part of our nation’s economy. Truck drivers and all members of the industry are true professionals that consider safety a top priority and want to keep all of us safe while sharing the road. TMAF seeks to highlight the benefits of the American trucking industry, and tell the good story of the seven million professionals that have a special place in our communities and our economy.
  • Lawmakers
    • The trucking industry is one of the only American industries that can proudly say it serves every state and congressional district. The trucking industry is made up of a vast network of over seven million professionals that play an essential role in our American economy. Whether we know it or not, the trucking industry directly delivers almost every item in our homes and offices. The trucking industry is made up of proud professionals that see safety as the number one priority. Trucking Moves America Forward educates the motoring public on the benefits and essentiality of the American trucking industry while making trucking professionals feel pride for the service they provide for every American citizen.
  • Allied Member Companies, Trucking Companies
    • It’s important to have a strong public relations effort online, offline and when speaking about the industry. TMAF allows us to do that, but we need your participation and support to continue to be successful. Help us spread the word by maximizing publicity about trucking through your own social media channels and by sharing industry news and positive stories that TMAF can promote.
    • To continue to promote TMAF and the great benefits of the industry and to keep the movement progressing, TMAF is seeking support in the form of financial donations.
    • Another way to show support is by offering in-kind donations in the form of advertising through your company publications, adding a link to the TMAF website from your company site or offering discounted marketing or sponsorships. Also, hosting a member of TMAF to speak at a company meeting or event would be beneficial to the movement.
  • Customers
    • Trucking is the greatest mover of goods and products throughout the country. Almost every item that you rely on or use is brought to you by a truck.
    • Trucking carefully and safely delivers your goods and products, and trucking professionals strive to deliver them on time, each and every delivery. The industry has become safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly over the years, and we continue to aim to be the most efficient form of transportation in America.
    • With your recognition of trucking’s essentiality, the industry can be its best. With donations and other types of support, the industry-wide movement, TMAF, can ensure the industry thrives, and in turn, that your products and goods are always delivered.

A significant challenge facing the industry is the struggle to find qualified drivers and technicians. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) reports an industry shortage of more than 60,000 drivers. Part of TMAF’s mission is to engage America’s next generation of industry professionals, including professional drivers and technicians, to educate them on the diverse jobs available within the industry and the amazing opportunities provided by trucking.

TMAF regularly implements op-ed campaigns in local newspapers across the country to educate younger generations on the driver shortage and career opportunities available within the trucking industry. Below is a template op-ed for your company or organization to use as a resource if you would help to help spread awareness of the shortage by placing an op-ed in a local newspaper.

Videos are created to visually demonstrate that America’s trucking professionals are well-trained and safe individuals that have a calling to serve the needs of the American public. TMAF’s videos to promote pride, safety, and professionalism in the trucking industry can be found below. Spread the word and share TMAF’s videos! See our video library below.

  • Pen an op-ed using the TMAF template or develop editorial content supporting the movement.
  • Invite the media to your facility to meet your employees and educate the media on trucking.
  • Draft a press release announcing your organization’s involvement in the movement.
  • Place a cobranded TMAF print ad in your local news publication (see below for branding guidelines)
  • Incorporate TMAF messaging, videos, or images into your next presentation to local community groups.

Contact Story Partners if you need editorial assistance at

Op-Eds & Speeches

Educating legislative leaders on the state and local levels is key for lawmakers to vote in favor of laws that benefit the trucking industry. Through our advocacy efforts, our movement helps inform legislators and regulators about the essentiality of trucking and build support for policies that will grow our industry, create more jobs and strengthen our economy.

During Infrastructure Week and National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, TMAF launches an advocacy and marketing campaign to reach both federal and state lawmakers. TMAF has secured op-eds in top national and Washington, D.C.-based publications, as well as placed radio advertisements on national and Beltway radio stations. TMAF also runs a state billboard campaign to target critical states where we want to share our message.

Help support TMAF’s efforts by educating your state and local representatives on the critical role that trucking plays in your state. Call your local officials and request a meeting to educate them on the work of the trucking industry in your community. Ask them to support legislative initiatives to ensure trucking remains a thriving industry in your state. For additional assistance on talking points for a meeting, contact