Patty Lopez

Patty Lopez, from Grand Junction, CO, has been working in the professional truck driving industry for nearly 16 years. She’s driven reefers, box vans, flatbeds, oversized, military HET’s (heavy equipment transporter), tankers and heavy haul, overseas in Iraq, Kuwait, and the U.S. and is currently working as a lead hazmat driver for Pilot Flying J. What Patty loves most about her current position is driving her LVC (long vehicle combo) which is 95’ plus long and weighs 109,000 lbs loaded with fuel. She says, “It’s not just the adrenaline, but the people I meet and places I go.” She takes great pride in her job, “The service we provide is so important. Without fuel, America would come to a standstill!”

When Patty is on the road, she wants to inspire and empower all generations of women to follow their dreams and not be afraid. She says, “Since she started driving trucks in the year 2000 the number of women out there driving as definitely increased.” She also says, “When the kids see it’s a female behind the wheel, their eyes get huge! I hope to open their minds to think outside the box!” She encourages them to do the research, ask questions, meet other women professional drivers and follow their heart. The possibilities and opportunities are there for women in the trucking industry.

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