Jeff Greer

“Diversity has got to be a key component of how we move forward in the trucking industry.”

Senior Vice President of Human Resources, FedEx Freight Corporation

Jeff Greer is the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at FedEx Freight Corporation based in Memphis, Tennessee. In his role, Jeff is responsible for all HR and Safety functions at FedEx Freight, which employs 45,000 team members across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

An attorney by trade, Jeff first started working for the FedEx organization over 21 years ago and has since transitioned from law to his current role in HR. Prior to joining FedEx, Jeff worked for the Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency. Jeff referred to the career change as a “natural evolution” for him saying that his work for the government was the “precursor to my interest in everything in logistics.”

Jeff enjoys working for the trucking industry. Jeff said, “Trucking touches almost every aspect of American life. We know that every single day we are making a difference…It’s nice to be part of a function that has such a vast impact.”

When speaking about diversity in trucking, Jeff said that diversity — the concept of having different people from different backgrounds — adds elements of success to your industry. Jeff, a member of working groups on diversity in the trucking industry, said, “Diversity has got to be a key component of how we move forward in the trucking industry. We have got to make sure we are as diverse as the rest of America: that we mirror society as a whole.”

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