LaQuenta Jacobs

“Transportation connects people, goods and communities.”

Chief Diversity Officer, XPO Logistics, Inc.

LaQuenta Jacobs, the Chief Diversity Officer at XPO Logistics, Inc., joined XPO as head of human resources in 2018. As the Chief Diversity Officer, LaQuenta is responsible for helping her organization drive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I).

Over her 23-year career, LaQuenta has championed inclusivity in senior HR roles with Delta Air Lines, Inc., The Home Depot, Inc., Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and Georgia-Pacific. LaQuenta, who is solutions-driven by nature, enjoys working in the transportation industry because she likes “the solutions that we drive to our customers, shareholders and people in general.” Speaking about the connection that exists throughout the industry, LaQuenta said, “Transportation connects people, goods and communities.”

When discussing diversity and inclusion and the trucking industry, LaQuenta said, “I have found a unique connection between DE&I and the trucking industry. In my opinion, the two share the same goals which is the connection of people to resources. Logistics and supply chain are the vehicles that connect people to goods and services in the same way that diversity, equity and inclusion connect people to a company culture, they go hand in hand.”

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