Dee Sova

“This industry has a multitude of opportunities.”

Professional Truck Driver, Prime Inc.

Dee Sova has been a professional truck driver nearly 30 years and has accumulated almost 3 million safe miles. She became a truck driver as a single mother who needed to provide a better lifestyle for her family. Dee has three adult daughters and her husband has one son, together they have 11 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Dee operates as an over-the-road truck driver hauling fresh, frozen, and dry goods. She teams with her husband, meaning they drive together, along with their 11-pound Chihuahua. Her husband cooks on the truck, especially during this pandemic. On her 30-minute breaks she loves to connect with family and friends via Facebook and Instagram. She recently has enjoyed reading personal growth and development books.

Getting to see this beautiful country and meeting a lot of people along the way, are some of Dee’s favorite things about being a professional truck driver. She loves meeting people that help her get to the next level and connecting with those people are very important. A giggling Dee shared, “I meet most of these people while shopping.”

Dee wants the public to know how awesome of a career the trucking industry can provide:

“The industry is constantly changing so new drivers must be prepared to roll with those changes as they come. While it is exciting to see the beautiful country, drivers make a commitment to leave their families to serve the needs of others. They do so with pride and deserve to be valued. This industry has a multitude of opportunities, but it takes a servant’s heart to plug into it long haul.”

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