Kirsten Barringer

VP, Virtual Financial Services

One of Kirsten’s first clients as a consultant was a trucking company. Kirsten told TMAF that relationship opened her eyes to the trucking industry and trucking has been her life ever since.

Helping companies from all different backgrounds with their finances is what makes Kirsten most proud of her career. Kirsten said, “I’ve seen companies around for generations and those started by a driver who just thought he could create a business…Knowing that what I do helps all of these people be successful brings a definite sense of pride to me.”

Kirsten gives back to the industry as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Texas Trucking Association (TXTA) Foundation, which funds education and research projects for the state’s trucking industry. The TXTA Foundation provides scholarships to TXTA member employees or their family members to help ease financial burdens. One memorable moment in Kirsten’s career was celebrating the first ever Mike Craddock Memorial Scholarship with the recipient and her family. Kirsten said, “It means so much to me to give back to people that work so hard for their families and for ours.”

When asked what Kirsten would tell other women who are considering joining the trucking industry, she said, “I would love for other women to know that this is a wonderful industry to be part of. While it is traditionally male-dominated, women can be very successful and play an important role. The family culture is prevalent in trucking, as it is a network of people with a lot of respect for each other and for our communities.”

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