Jessica King Price

CFO, Palletized Trucking Inc.

After graduating college, Jessica began working for her grandmother at the trucking company her grandparents founded in 1969. After her grandparent’s sold the business to their kids and grandkids and retired, Jessica began taking on new roles and more responsibility within the company, which is when she began learning more fully about the family business.

When Jessica’s dad was sick with terminal lung cancer, he encouraged Jessica to “work hard and ‘take the bull by the horns,’” Jessica told TMAF. A few months after Jessica’s father passed away, she was promoted to CFO, one of her proudest moments. Jessica describes the achievement as “a huge accomplishment and a way to honor my dad and my grandparents, and an awesome way to serve my family and our industry.”

Jessica is especially proud of her company transporting NASA’s retired Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA), a modified Boeing 747 dubbed NASA 905, in April 2014. The NASA 905, the main shuttle carrier for NASA’s space shuttle program, was used to transport space shuttles across the U.S., including Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour. After months of preparation and planning to prepare the city of Houston for the 920-foot convoy of trucks, shuttle parts, electricians and engineers, Palletized Trucking hauled the aircraft to Space Center Houston. The aircraft was transported in seven large pieces over the course of two nights.

Some of Jessica’s most memorable experiences working in the trucking industry include working with organizations, such as the TXTA and TXTA Foundation. Jessica enjoys seeing what “awesome people” there in trucking. She is thankful for how much she has been able to learn others in the industry.

When speaking about job opportunities in trucking for women, Jessica said that in a male dominated industry, women “provide a new perspective and will only help the industry as a whole.” She encourages other women interested in joining this “fun” industry to “Get ready to be surrounded by hard working people who really have a passion for the industry and be ready to put in some time. This business never stops.”

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