Melissa Huddleston

Executive Director, Laredo Motor Carriers Association

With a degree in Early Childhood Education and 12 years of experience working in a church, Melissa never planned to join the trucking industry until a job in trucking “fell in her lap.” While job searching, Melissa was asked to help coordinate for a young trucking association and she “was up for the challenge.” Now, Melissa runs the association and trucking has become one of her passions.

The proudest moment of Melissa’s career is the growth of The Laredo Motor Carriers Association. In just three and a half years, Melissa grew the Association from 18 members to 234 members. Melissa is especially proud of their continued growth. Just this year, Laredo became the largest inland Port in the nation.

Melissa is also extremely proud of the Association’s legislative wins on issues important to the industry. Through the Association’s advocacy and education efforts, Melissa has the opportunity to speak on behalf of the industry at events, panels and on committees she’s invited to join; she’s also been invited to speak on leadership roundtables with Congressmen, Senators, and industry leaders.

The Laredo Motor Carriers Association recognizes their driver and carrier of the year annually. Melissa told TMAF that “hearing the stories behind the passion of why they do what they do” is special to her and a memorable experience.

Melissa encourages other women who are considering joining the trucking industry to “Go for it! Take the challenge!” Melissa said, “There are opportunities for growth and for you to become a successful businesswoman in the trucking industry.”

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