Ericka Rountree

“It’s my peace”

Professional Truck Driver, M.T.S.

Professional Truck Driver Ericka Rountree, based in Dayton, Ohio, joined the trucking industry nearly seven years ago after coming across an ad for truck driving school. The decision to join the trucking industry was lifechanging and one of the best decisions she has made, Ericka said.

When speaking about her love for her job, Ericka spoke about how she enjoys driving – something she picked up from her dad who was also a truck driver. Her father, who drove trucks in the military, later joined the industry and started team driving with his wife. Ericka would get to ride along in the truck with her father on trips from Ohio to other states, including California and Florida.

One of the reasons that Ericka was drawn to trucking was because it allows you to travel and can take you to almost any state. Ericka said, “You get to travel and meet different people from every ethnic background.”

While driving, making her daily round trip deliveries from Ohio to Kentucky, Ericka enjoys the peace and quiet of the open road. “It’s my peace,” Ericka said. “I really enjoy my career. I love what I do.”

Patience and safety while driving are important priorities for Ericka. “My biggest thing is safety first,” Ericka said. “Take your time and pay attention. I’m a very cautious driver. I always give myself enough time, enough distance.”

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