Herbert Holmes

“Give it 110%”

Professional Truck Driver, M.T.S.

Herbert Holmes, a professional truck driver based in Dayton, Ohio, first started driving in 1999 after coming across an ad for trucking in the Sunday paper.

“Having the freedom on the open road, seeing different things, going different places, meeting new people,” are just some of the reasons why Herbert loves trucking. Herbert also enjoys being able to travel and get paid for it as part of his job.

During his work week, depending on what needs to be delivered, Herbert usually drives to the Cleveland, Ohio area as well as Louisville, Kentucky. While on the road, Herbert is committed to safety. He always stays alert and drives defensively.

When asked what Herbert would say to someone who is considering joining the trucking industry, he said, “It’s a great career,” and spoke about the opportunities that trucking can provide for an individual and their family. Herbert recommended that after learning more about the industry and what the day-to-day job of a truck driver looks like, to “Jump in wholeheartedly” and give it “110 percent.”

Herbert also discussed the truck driver shortage and the need for more Black drivers, including Black female drivers, and mentioned the need for more recruitment at Black high schools and colleges. He said, “A lot of young Black people don’t know about the industry…there’s trucking jobs all over.”

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