Trucking Info: Trucking Gives Generously to Help Houston Recover from Harvey

Trucking industry companies across the nation are pledging charitable support for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and the long recovery effort ahead.

The following is just a small sample of companies and people who have seen the destruction from Harvey’s floods and decided to give support in any way they can.

In a joint effort, U.S. subsidiaries of Daimler, including Daimler Trucks North America and Mercedes-Benz USA, are donating $1 million in total to victims of the storm. The donation will be given to the American Red Cross to be used for immediate disaster relief, emergency assistance, and other services.

The Illinois Trucking Association is collaborating with the Texas Trucking Association and has contacted its members that have terminals near Houston to offer equipment, supplies, and money to the Harvey recovery effort. ITA has asked any members with trailers or available trucks and drivers to assist in taking supplies to the area. It also asked for collections of supplies to be picked up by ITA, and for monetary donations as well.

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