Fox Illinois: Disaster relief resources stretch as more need approaches with Irma

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WRSP) — Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of Texas nearly two weeks ago and the outpouring of support and supplies continues for the victims.

But with another major storm on the way, more people will soon be in need of help.

Hurricane Irma is churning its way towards the U.S. and millions of people are in its path.

Now organizations say they fear they will have to stretch their resources.

Supplies and passion are all in a truck heading to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“Just the devastation for the people down there,” said Matt Hart, Executive director Illinois Trucking Association. “And we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of the members of the Illinois Trucking Association that’s been wanting to help.”
Thousands across the nation are pouring their time into disaster relief.
But now a category 5 hurricane is approaching Florida and resources are wearing thin.
United Way said organizations are running into difficulties.

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