Heavy Duty Trucking: TMAF Supports Infrastructure Week 2018

Infrastructure Week is a series of events and educational advocacy efforts aimed at highlighting infrastructure as a key policy issue nationwide. The effort is being supported by a new message that includes a Twitter hashtag, “The future won’t wait. Neither can we. It’s #TimeToBuild.”

In a blog post for Infrastructure Week, TMAF co-chairman and president of Jet Express Kevin Burch wrote that crumbling infrastructure was preventing the trucking industry from delivering goods in a safe and efficient manner and solving the problem through investment was vital to keeping the $739 billion industry moving forward.

“Strong infrastructure is critical to the success of the trucking industry and economic security of all of America,” said Burch. “TMAF is proud to unite with a diverse coalition of transportation and infrastructure groups to bring awareness to the role that infrastructure plays in our daily lives, especially as the President and Congress work towards passing an infrastructure bill. Closing the nation’s infrastructure investment gap must be a top priority.”

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