Washington Examiner: Structurally sound and safe roads mean trucking can deliver

There’s 32 million trucks traveling our nation’s roads, bridges and tunnels each day. The professional truck drivers behind the wheel work tirelessly every day to complete their deliveries safely and on time to ensure that our communities are stocked with the goods that we all rely on.

But, time, weather and lack of investments in our roadways are quickly giving way to aging infrastructure in America. If policies don’t change to support new roads and bridges, the trucking industry won’t be able to safely do our job, threatening the flow of our economy.

Across America, more than 80 percent of U.S. communities rely solely on trucking for the delivery of their goods, which keeps our local businesses thriving and our economy moving forward. The industry is a huge contributor to the economy. Trucks move more than 70 percent of our nation’s freight and stimulate economic activity in every sector of the American economy, including the healthcare, agriculture, finance, and retail industries. Overall, the industry provides over $739 billion in revenue each year and supplies over 7 million jobs.

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