Sammy Brewster

Dedicated to safety

Sammy Brewster, a professional truck driver for ABF Freight for the past 12 years, has been a truck driver for 29 years. He resides in Powder Springs, Georgia.

Sammy, whose father was also a truck driver, is a second-generation truck driver. During an interview with TMAF, Sammy said, “I got my start at an early age by driving for my father. He also ran a small family logging business.”

When asked what Sammy loves most about trucking, he told TMAF, that he loves the free feeling of being out on the open road and the opportunity to travel and see different parts of the country. Most importantly, Sammy said, it has been a great support system to raise his family.

Sammy’s son, who just got his trucking license last year, is continuing in his father and grandfather’s footsteps as a third-generation truck driver.

Prior to joining the trucking industry, Sammy served in the U.S. Army. Sammy has said that dedication to safety is one of the lessons that was instilled in him during his service. That lesson carries into his job as a driver.

Prioritizing and promoting safety are one of Sammy’s priority while on and off the road. Because of his strong safety record, Sammy has received many safe driving awards, including the 11 year safe driving certificate and the 10 year Safety Performance Award from ABF Freight.

Sammy was appointed as a member of ATA’s 2019–2020 America’s Road Team. He also serves as member of ATA’s Share the Road highway safety program, helping to educate motorists about road safety during heavy traffic weekends, such as Memorial Day.

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