Khrista Bishop Roach

Assistant Vice President, Refrigerated Transport, Inc.

When asked how she joined the field of trucking, Khrista says that “trucking chose her,” as a third-generation member of the trucking industry proudly working for her family’s business.

While studying Agricultural Communications at Texas Tech University, Khrista said they talked a lot about Farm-to-Table, but recalled that in those discussions, everyone forgot about the “to.” Now working in the industry, Khrista sees first-hand the important role that trucks play in Farm-to-Table operations.

Khrista is proud of the work of her company and the industry. Working for a refrigerated trucking company, and seeing food come in everyday, has put the “to” in Farm-to-Table into perspective for her. Khrista told TMAF, “As cheesy as it sounds, I love being able to go to the grocery store and find the products that I know have been on our trucks.”

One of the proudest moments in Khrista’s career was participating in the Texas Trucking Association’s Call on Washington. Khrista recently traveled to Washington, D.C. for the program and spoke with her state’s representatives about the issues facing the industry. She said, “I was honored to represent not only our company, but our state and industry. Being able to have a voice and opinion on what will keep our industry going is something that I take great pride in.”

When speaking about the diverse career opportunities available for women in the trucking industry, Khrista said, “We are all capable of succeeding in any area of the trucking industry and life. We all have different talents and passions so wherever those fit within the industry use them in a way to serve the people around you.”

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