Transport Topics: Meet the Grand Champ of the 2023 National Truck Driver Champion, the “Superbowl of Safety,” Gregg Wilson

TMAF recommissioned research in September 2022 to measure the impact of the awareness and education campaign among American motorists

The Trucker: TMAF campaign calls on public to #ThankATrucker

Trucking Moves America (TMAF) is thanking America’s professional truck drivers during their annual #ThankATrucker campaign during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Sept. 11-17.

“The campaign, which encompasses outdoor, broadcast and digital advertising, is designed to educate the motoring public on the essential job of the truck driver as a highway hero, along with trucking’s overall contributions to American communities and the nation’s economy,” a news release stated. “It also shines a light on the jobs available within trucking as the industry faces a projected annual driver shortage of 60,000-80,000 drivers over the next decade.”

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