Alphonso Lewis, Sr.

Making NTDC history

Alphonso Lewis, Sr. is a professional truck driver from Montgomery, Alabama. Alphonso has been driving for YRC Freight for over 27 years.

Trucking has been a part of Alphonso’s life from a young age. When he was growing up, Alphonso’s father was a truck driver. During an interview with TMAF, Alphonso said, “My father was that big super hero that was driving that big truck, which I totally admired!” Alphonso’s father let him ride along in the truck. Alphonso told TMAF, “He would also let us ride along with him during the summers months while we were out of school which cemented my desire to one day be a professional driver myself.”

Alphonso started in the trucking industry while serving in the U.S. Army. In the Army, Alphonso served as a light wheel vehicle mechanic for six years. He was trained and learned how to drive trucks in that role. Once he completed his service, Alphonso became a professional truck driver for the company now known as YRC Freight.

Alphonso has said that the military gave him a strong foundation to build on in his life and career in trucking: pride, teamwork, confidence, integrity, commitment and drive.

Safety is a priority for Alphonso while he’s on the road. Alphonso told TMAF, “Every day safety comes first, second and last in this industry. No short cuts!” In 2007,

Alphonso won the honor of National Truck Driving Grand Champion at the National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC), which is also known as the “Superbowl of Safety.” Alphonso made NTDC history as the first African American to earn the title of Grand Champion.

Alphonso’s safety record has been recognized within the industry and was asked to serve as a member of the ATA’s America’s Road Team. In 2016, Alphonso shared safety tips for drivers and helped educate motorists on the dangers of distracted drivers in ATA’s Share the Road highway safety program instructional video.

Alphonso was one of two drivers to lead the 2019 Wreaths Across America truck convoy.

Alphonso has described his career in trucking as tremendously rewarding and a job you one can take considerable pride in. During his interview with TMAF, Alphonso said, “What I love about trucking is the freedom you have to do your job on a daily basis. Your deliveries and pickups and mostly left up to the driver to plan his or her route to be successful.” In additional to the flexibility and freedom granted by the job, Alphonso also enjoys meeting different people and having a difference scenery from day to day.

With a strong love for trucking, Alphonso said his wife, Regina, “recognizes often how much I enjoy being a driver.”

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