The Trucker: TMAF launches ad campaign in conjunction with NTDAW

Print advertisements will appear in daily newspapers in major markets throughout the country. (Courtesy: TMAF)

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Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF), an industry-wide image and education movement, said Monday it was launching an advertising campaign targeted to consumers as part of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which began Sunday.

The campaign aims to demonstrate that professional truck drivers are everyone’s friends, family and neighbors.

Print advertisements will appear in daily newspapers in major markets throughout the country including: Sacramento, California; Billings, Montana; Omaha, Nebraska; Houston, Dayton, Ohio; Nashville, Tennessee; Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Orlando.

“Professional drivers are the lifeblood of America’s economy, hauling goods and products that we use every day, and this week we say thank you to the drivers,” said Kevin Burch, TMAF co-chair and president of Jet Express. “Over 3 million professional truck drivers travel our roads every day, and we are proud to celebrate our drivers’ commitment to safety, excellence and community.”

Burch highlighted the impact of professional truck driver on the American economy:

• There are 3.4 million truck drivers in the U.S.

• Professional truck drivers drove over 421 billion miles in 2014.

• Most individual long-haul drivers average 100,000 to 110,000 miles of driving per year; regional and city drivers will drive an average of 48,000 miles.

• The job of a truck driver is paramount. Trucking remains the dominant mode of freight transportation, hauling over 68 percent of domestic freight in 2014

• Truck drivers deliver life’s necessities. 80 percent of U.S. communities depend solely on trucking for delivery of their goods and commodities.

“There’s a story to tell about how integral the trucking industry is to America’s economy, and without our drivers, America simply would not move forward,” Burch said. “Our drivers often do not receive the respect they deserve, and this is just one week out of the year to remind us of their critical role in moving our nation’s economy.”

Burch said TMAF is encouraging the industry and general public to get involved and #ThankADriver this week.

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