Renee Amar

Executive Director, Louisiana Motor Transport Association

Renee Amar is the Executive Director of the Louisiana Motor Transport Association (LMTA). Following a career in policy and public affairs, which included jobs working for the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry and the National Federation of Independent Business, Renee joined the LMTA this past year in November 2020.

When speaking about what drew her to the trucking industry, Renee said, “I am a huge advocate for the business community…The trucking industry is important to our economy. [Everyone] is impacted by the trucking industry.” Renee went on to say, “I’m passionate about the impact we have on the economy and telling that story. I don’t think people truly realize how much trucking impacts their lives.”

Renee takes great pride in her job and the essential role that truck drivers play during crises when deliveries become even more difficult. During severe weather, such as hurricanes, which impact Louisiana frequently, it requires you to “put your problem-solving cap on” to figure out how to make deliveries when “roads don’t look like how they normally do and you don’t have access to certain things.”

Speaking about the ice storm that hit Louisiana this February, Renee discussed her role in coordinating water deliveries to communities in the state that were frozen over. She felt rewarded by the work, saying, “I was a part of connecting some really great people with potable water – getting them in touch with members that will drop whatever they are doing to go pick up what is needed and have it delivered.” She said, “It’s incredibly moving to me. We’re not just integral as part of the process – this is a set of people that are unlike any other.”

Renee encourages other women to join the industry saying, “you’ll meet some of the best people you’ve ever met before.” The women in the industry, she says, are “some of the most tenacious, persistent, smart and sophisticated women that I’ve ever met.”

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