Teddy Butler

“If I can make just one person happy that day, then I am doing alright”

Professional Truck Driver, Arkansas Best Freight

  • What do you love most about trucking?

    At my job, we haul everything from furniture for households to heavy industrial equipment for businesses. Every day is something different and I really love that about my job.

  • How did you get started in the trucking industry?

    When I left the United States Army after 27 years of service, I began a job search. ABF was hiring drivers in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and it seemed like a great opportunity, so I quickly gave them my application. I started out as a casual on the dock. After some time, the company decided to invest in me and offered to pay for me to go to school to get my CDL. I was then able to drive the flatbeds transporting people’s items when they are moving or relocating. This was such a great opportunity for me because I enjoyed going into neighborhoods and meeting many types of new people. It really was the perfect fit.

  • What does safety mean to you?

    Safety is so important to me. Currently, I have over 1.2 million safety miles. Before I begin a ride, I pre- trip, and I check to make sure my equipment is available and ready. When I’m on the road, I like to do what they taught us in the military – keep your head on swivel. That means I am constantly staying aware of my surroundings. This works so that I not only protect myself but also protect others around me.

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