Mandy Graham

Chief Operating Officer, Great West Casualty Company

As far as career aspirations went, Mandy knew she wanted a lifelong career that was full of adventure and making a difference. Joining the trucking industry delivered on both. Having worked in the industry for over two decades, Mandy thrives knowing each day brings new challenges and opportunities, and that our country depends on trucking to maintain its livelihood. From providing relief during national disasters to delivering medical supplies and groceries, Mandy has a deep respect for trucking and feels honored to be a part of it.

Having seen the many sides of trucking, her first role was that of a dispatcher, where she learned first-hand the dedication, hard work, and sense of duty that truck drivers share. Later her journey at Great West Casualty Company started in Underwriting Support. With experience and education came new positions, bringing more direct involvement with motor carriers and the industry, she was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2017.

When asked about her career highlights, Mandy replied that people are what make the difference. “Our industry is driven by family-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, owner-operators, you name it. There is no single ‘right recipe’ for a motor carrier. They vary in size, specialty, service area, the list goes on. Every trucker has their own unique story, yet they all play an important part in our industry and share the qualities of dedication and resiliency.” Mandy has always been amazed at truck drivers’ commitment to service, regardless of what is thrown at them. In an ever-changing industry, she expressed how trucking truly is the backbone of America.

“I would encourage anyone, including women, who are considering joining the industry to do so. It is much more diverse than one might think and that is a large part of what makes it special.” Mandy is confident that if anyone is looking for a lifelong career that provides daily adventure with a sense of purpose and community, they can find a professional home in trucking.

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