Jana Jarvis

President, Oregon Trucking Associations

Jana Jarvis joined the Oregon Trucking Associations as President in February 2015. Earlier in her career, when Jana worked for Johnson Controls, a battery manufacturer, she was first exposed to the trucking industry and recognized how critical trucking is to the economy and U.S. supply chain.

Jana has always had a positive impression of trucking and deep respect for truck drivers. When she was younger and first began traveling alone, her father would always tell her, “If you need help, let a truck driver help you.” Jana’s positive impression of trucking is initially what drew her to the industry when the job opportunity at Oregon Trucking Associations presented itself. Jana said, “I always knew that trucking was integral to economic growth and opportunity in our country. Our country moves the majority of all our goods and products through trucks.”

When asked what Jana loves most about working in the trucking industry, she said, “It’s hard to pinpoint one thing.” Jana went on to say, “The people are fabulous. From the business owners to our association’s members, to the staff to the drivers.” With the contributions of the trucking industry, which are even more apparent during times of crisis and recovery, Jana said, “there’s a lot to be proud of within this industry.” Speaking about the brave truck drivers who have continued to deliver during the pandemic, putting their own health on the line, Jana said, “I don’t know what industry could have possibly made me prouder as I watched the trucking industry’s work during the pandemic.”

Jana encourages women interested in joining the industry “to follow through on the opportunity.” She said, “There’s a lot of opportunity for women in this industry. From driving a truck, to working at a trucking company, to running one, to being in an association, there’s tremendous opportunity for women.”

Jana also spoke about the rising number of women working in trucking and how proud she is of them and their work. She said, “We tend to think of the industry in masculine terms but it’s going through a bit of a transformation. When I say there’s opportunities for women in the industry, I mean it. It’s important we let women know that opportunities exist for them in trucking through a variety of jobs and career opportunities.”

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