Charlton Paul

“Do the right thing even when no one is watching.”

Professional Truck Driver, UPS Freight

Charlton Paul has been a professional truck driver for over 25 years, accumulating more than 2.2 million accident-free miles, and has worked for UPS Freight for the past 23 years. At the age of seven, Charlton was going to the store with his father when he stopped to look at the “beautiful” truck unloading goods. The driver asked his father if Charlton could look at the truck. Since then, Charlton was hooked and could not wait to become a professional truck driver.

Reflecting on his career as a professional truck driver, “It is the most fantastic job. When I sit down and actually think about what I am contributing to society, it is a huge honor for me.” Charlton discussed delivering medical supplies during the COVID pandemic or equipment and textbooks that would be used to educate future engineers. Understanding the impact, he is having on someone else’s life through the goods he delivers makes his job even more important.

His family is very proud of all the things that Charlton has accomplished from being honored at the White House to being featured in the UPS Magazine. As his family gains more of an understanding for what he does, there is a lot more appreciation for the entire trucking industry.

“There is a reason behind everything,” stated Charlton when discussing the importance of educating the public on the trucking industry. Through the Share the Road program, Charlton has seen students and adults recognize ways to drive differently after being educated on blind spots and the amount of distance it takes for a truck to come to a complete stop. To coincide with educating the public, Charlton gives a lot of praise to the advanced technologies in trucks today, “technology will never replace us but will continue to make us better drivers.”

When Charlton is not educating the public on safe driving, he is teaching his peers at UPS Freight. At new hire orientations, Charlton writes on the board “Do the right thing even when no one is watching.” Charlton said, “It is not just about me, it’s about my peers and pulling people up.” He is very honored and humbled to be at this stage of his career and hopes to use his platform and success to encourage others to be like him.

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