Cari Baylor

Cari Baylor is the President of Baylor Trucking, a family business started by her grandfather in 1945 with one truck after he served in World War II. Cari, who started working in the office at 14 years old, says that “Trucking is a way of life, not a job.” What she loves most about the industry is the passionate people. Cari says, “Every day you will have people that will work so hard to make a difference. Whether they are delivering a birthday present, an anniversary gift, an iPhone or medical supplies, they will make it happen. The people are also first to volunteer to help each other or communities during natural disasters.

When asked about the opportunities for women who are interested in joining the trucking industry, Cari says, “Trucking has opportunities in every aspect of fulfilling careers! Accounting, Sales, Account Management, Marketing, Safety, Driving, Maintenance, IT, HR, whatever is your skillset and talent you can contribute with advancement opportunities in this industry.” She says, “Each day is different. Each day is a challenge. If you enjoy problem solving and having the ability to make a difference, this is a terrific industry.”

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