Anna Faford

Vice President of Strategy, C&K Trucking

Anna Faford is the Vice President of Strategy at C&K Trucking. In her management role, Anna helps define the company’s strategic direction and is involved in many aspects of the business, including budgeting, evaluating acquisitions, and growing customer relationships.

Prior to joining C&K Trucking, Anna worked in various departments at Bank of America doing analysis and advisement for real estate, middle market, and transportation entities. While working with the transportation industry and trucking companies, Anna developed a passion for trucking.

In her free time, Anna is dedicated to giving back to her community and improving park programs in her neighborhood. Serving as President of the Independence Park Advisory Council for over seven years, Anna spearheaded the effort to raise over $100,000 for a new playground in her town by organizing an annual fundraising event in the community.

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