Amy R. Boerger

Vice President, Cummins Inc.

Amy Boerger is the Vice President of North American Engine Business at Cummins Inc., the largest independent maker of diesel engines and related products in the world. She is based in Columbus, Indiana.

Amy has been working at Cummins since 1984 and has over 35 years of experience within the industry. In her role as Vice President, Amy leads the company’s engine business interests in North America. She has previously worked in sales and service, engineering and marketing communities and the Emissions Solutions business.

Throughout her career, Amy has held several leadership positions. She actively participates in Act One, the Allied Committee for the Trucking Industry and serves on the American Transportation Research Institute’s Research Advisory Committee.

Amy has been recognized for her leadership within the trucking industry. In 2014, she earned the distinction of Finalist for the Most Influential Woman of the Year in Trucking.

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