WBRE: Students Get Glimpse of Truck Drivers View

BARTONSVILLE, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – We’ve all shared the road with tractor trailers, but truck drivers have a very different view from behind the wheel than we do.

Adam Warner stands in front of the classroom like a teacher, but he’s actually a tractor trailer driver with Walmart. Adam’s teaching high school students how to safely share the road with truckers like him.

“It’s not easy. Most motorists are speeding and driving distracted,” says Adam Warner, Walmart truck driver.

These students are part of MCTI, or Monroe County Career and Technical Institute. When they graduate, each plans to work around trucks.

One by one, each student climbed behind the drivers seat of a Walmart tractor trailer. Jamie Cole couldn’t;t believe what she saw, or more like what she didn’t see.


“The blind spots are crazy! You never know who is around you, and you need to be cautious,” Cole says.

“It’s important to be safe, or else people around you will be put in danger,” says Joshua Wortmann.

Tracy Fox with North Central Highway Safety Network says this is important because many schools don’t offer driver education programs anymore.

Fox says, “They’re inexperienced so this is something that can help them”.

Link (with video): WBRE