Trucking Moves America Forward Highlights Trucking’s Critical Role in Congressional and Military Tributes

[December 22, 2014] – Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF) highlighted today trucking’s significant role in two important national events, the 2014 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree lighting and Wreath’s Across America tributes.

“Without the trucking industry, these special holiday events would not be possible,” said Kevin Burch, TMAF co-chair and president of Jet Express. “TMAF wants to share how important a role trucking not only plays in our everyday lives, but especially how trucking plays a role in ensuring these events happen for all of us to enjoy.”

The trucking industry was the sole mode of transportation for the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree, which traveled from Minnesota’s Chippewa National Forest to the west front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Two specially-made Kenworth trucks carried both the 88-foot white spruce and thousands of handmade ornaments directly from the spot where the tree was cut down in Minnesota to the steps of the U.S. Capitol. Three professional truck drivers were given the honor of driving both trucks through several cities and towns along the way to Washington, D.C.

The tree arrived in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 21 and was lit on Dec. 2, 2014. Members of Congress, including Speaker of the House John A. Boehner gathered at the ceremony, and the tree was officially lit by 10-year-old Aaron Urban who was given the honor as part of fulfilling his Make-A-Wish.

Trucking also played a major role in fulfilling the mission of Wreaths Across America, which places wreaths at the headstones of fallen veterans at 1034 veteran cemeteries across the country and Arlington National Cemetery. Across the country, 283 truckloads made it possible for 720,000 wreaths to be placed at the headstones of fallen veterans.

A convoy of 67 trucks delivered wreaths directly from Maine to Arlington National Cemetery where 50,000 volunteers covered the headstones of all 230,000 veterans at Arlington National Cemetery. This year marks the 150th anniversary of Arlington National Cemetery, and it was the first year that Wreaths Across America was able to cover every headstone in Arlington.

Trucking Moves America Forward has captured and created a video to highlight the essentiality of trucking in these major commemoration events, the importance of trucking to the country, and the millions of trucking professionals who are dedicated to the trucking industry.

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