Trucking Info: Help Driver Appreciation Video Go Viral

As we near the end of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, I wanted to make sure you saw this great video, in case you haven’t already caught in through Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

The video is from driver-job-matching company Fastport, in conjunction with theTrucking Moves America Forward image program. WIth the help of some great dramatic music, it uses the theme “Imagine” to highlight what trucking does, from delivering the everyday basics to the grocery store to responding and rebuilding in the face of tragedy.

It’s had more than 700,000 views in less than a week; we’d like to see it hit 1 million by Friday. Sharing it on your Facebook page or other social media is a great way to reach some of your non-trucking friends with an important message about trucking’s essentiality.

If you view it on Fastport’s Facebook page, you’ll see there are more than 1,000 comments. Some simply thank truck drivers. Others posted photos of their rigs or their beloved drivers — husbands and wives (even an ex husband), fathers and sons. Some give a shout-out to their fellow drivers at the company they drive for.

One tragic comment dealt with the sometimes heartbreaking challenges drivers can face on the road, as a driver shared what happened when a motorcyclist with no helmet traveling at high speeds lost control while driving near his truck. His comment was met with many supportive replies.

A sampling of comments:

“The only thing truck drivers don’t get paid to deliver are babys.”

“Awesome video…we NEVER stop to realize how important truck drivers are. Thank u to ALL truck drivers. May God Bless you an keep u safe!”

“Other than the time I served in the Army, being a Truck Driver is the proudest I have been.”

Take a minute to view the video and add your voice.