Trucking Delivers the Holidays
















Trucks. We see them every day on New Mexico roads. We ride alongside them on the interstates.
As the nation gears up for the busy holiday season, many may be surprised to learn that the professional trucking industry is a critical part of making the holidays happen for America’s families. From the Christmas trees that come from our forests, the holiday meal that will be cooked for your family, and the clothes on your back — trucking delivers the holidays.

The fact is that 89 percent of New Mexico communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods. Fewer trucks on the road would result in more expensive products and slower delivery times. Remove trucking altogether, and essential cargo would not arrive to our doorsteps at all.

Trucking is not only connecting the country and delivering goods that keep us healthy and comfortable — it’s also an economic engine that powers New Mexico.

The trucking industry means jobs in the Land of Enchantment. The industry accounts for 32,460 jobs providing a good middle-class income. That’s nearly one out of every 19 jobs in the state, and a substantial portion of the nearly seven million people employed nationwide in trucking jobs.

From logistics managers, to technicians and maintenance personnel, the trucking industry is home to a diverse group of professionals committed to delivering goods on time and safely. Of New Mexico’s total industry jobs in 2013, truck drivers alone — whether heavy, tractor-trailer, or delivery — make up nearly 14,610 jobs. Total industry wages paid in New Mexico for 2013 exceeded $1.4 billion. This economic activity brings in $311 million in federal and state roadway taxes.

New Mexico’s trucking industry is strengthening small businesses — an ever-important element of our economy and arguably the most important element of America’s long-term economic stability. As of April 2014, there were 3,840 trucking companies located in our state, and most of them are small, locally-owned businesses. These companies employ our neighbors and friends and keep America moving.

The state’s trucking industry also keeps the larger, statewide economy moving, allowing businesses to prosper — to the benefit of business owners, employees, and consumers of all stripes. Trucks transport 91 percent of total manufactured tonnage in the state — 134,076 tons per day.

Trucking continues to place the safety of drivers and motorists first through driver training and student education programs, and has made significant gains in the past few years. Combine these benefits together, and trucking remains a top contributor of our nation’s economy.

So the next time a tractor-trailer passes by, or you’re at the local grocery store as a truck docks in the delivery bay, you’re not just looking at an impressive 18-wheeler traveling the road with your holiday meal that will stock the shelves, or toys for the children in your family, you’re looking at a vital machine for New Mexico’s economic growth, prosperity and future.

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