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Transport Topics: Trucking Groups Launch Image Campaign

Trucking industry groups launched a campaign here to educate America on the importance of trucking to the nation’s economy and to help recruit a new generation of desperately needed drivers to keep freight moving. Top officials with American Trucking Associations, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association and large industry suppliers known as ACT 1 kicked off Trucking Moves America Forward here March 26, on the eve of the annual Mid-America Trucking Show.

Trucking Industry Unveils Industry-Wide Image and Education Campaign at the Mid-America Trucking Show

The trucking industry announced today the launch of its industry-wide image and education campaign “Trucking Moves America Forward” at the Mid-America Trucking Show with support from a diverse group of industry influencers including leading executives, professional truck drivers and technicians. “Trucking Moves America Forward” is an industry-wide image and education initiative informing policy makers, motorists and the public about the benefits of the trucking industry to help build a ground swell of political and grassroots support necessary to strengthen and grow the industry.

Lexington Herald-Leader: OPINION: More weight in trucks does not equate to having more accidents

Does a heavier truck really increase the hazard on the highways? There is no research I am aware of that supports the claim made in the commentary by Thomas Adams of the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association. In fact, research conducted last year by the American Transportation Research Institute showed that medium-sized trucks had a higher accident ratio than heavier trucks. While big-truck accidents decreased almost 25 percent from 2000-2010, medium-sized trucks accidents increased over 38 percent over the same period.

Kansas City Star: When a trucker goes missing, other drivers join the search

The road is long and the country is big. And on any given day an estimated 3 million over-the-road truckers are traversing the nation’s highways. When one of those truckers turns up missing, finding them can be like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

CCJ: Con-way uses technology, peer-based coaching to drive safety results

On a poster in the dispatch area of Con-way’s Salt Lake City service center is a handwritten announcement: March 14, 2014, is a day for celebration. The service center, among the largest in Con-way’s nationwide less-than-truckload network, has gone 15 days without accident or injury.Technology has played a major role in the success at this and other locations for Con-way which has a total fleet size of 15,000 drivers and 8,600 tractors. Trucker Ryan Mahony balances love of adventure behind the wheel, in the saddle

Ask Ryan Mahony why he came to the United States from his native England and the answer will be quick — complete with a sly grin and a glint in his eyes. “Adventure,” he told The Trucker at the Petro truck stop in North Little Rock, Ark., in mid-February. But adventure doesn’t stop for this 39-year old trucker behind the wheel of his big rig.

Heavy Duty Trucking: Byrd: Industry Must Pull Together Like a Family

Trucking. It’s complex, highly technological, and essential to the nation’s economy. That was the theme of Phil Byrd, chairman of American Trucking Associations and president and CEO of Bulldog Hiway Express, speaking Tuesday at ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council’s 2014 Annual Meeting. Byrd said while some people may think trucking is as simple as getting a truck and some freight and taking it from one place to another, “transportation and logistics and trucking is anything but simple. It’s a complicated and complex industry. I would submit to you that our businesses from a technological standpoint far exceeds those of the customers we serve.”

Transport Topics: Opinion: Let Your Pride Show

It was a little more than four months ago that I stood before many of you in Orlando at our Management Conference & Exhibition and had the honor of being named the 69th chairman of American Trucking Associations. At that time, I said I expected this year to be the pinnacle of my career, and, so far, I may have undersold just how exciting and rewarding this adventure would be. It is truly a unique and humbling experience to represent one of our country’s largest — and most essential — industries as ATA chairman.

CCJ: Expanding connectivity with drivers

“Staying connected” is more than a modern convenience; it is a way of life, a habit, an expectation for people that own smartphones and tablet devices. In the transportation industry, connectivity has traditionally been extended to drivers for business purposes only. Commercial and private fleets would install onboard computing and mobile communication systems to track location, send and receive messages, and capture performance and maintenance information from vehicles.

Forbes: How Big Data Is Changing Long-Haul Trucking

On a long stretch of highway, a semi-trailer sends a message to a trucking company that the truck’s refrigeration unit is warming up. Before the temperature in the trailer has a chance to affect the product being transported, the company notifies the truck driver of where to get it fixed, keeping the truck’s contents from being ruined.

CCJ: Study: safety, health top concerns in transportation

The transportation industry is a very broad, diverse group of companies and individuals that collectively keep America moving. With all of the time and effort it takes to keep those wheels turning on the highway, the amount of traffic that goes online would seem to pale in comparison. The opposite appears to be true. The online community for news, blogs and social media in trucking has exploded. To help make sense of where all of the online traffic is headed, GE Capital’s Transportation Finance recently commissioned a year-long study.

Huffington Post: U.S. Trucking Companies Deliver Sales, Profit Gains

Privately held U.S. trucking companies posted their fourth year of higher sales, and profitability also improved in 2013, according to data from Sageworks, a financial information company.