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Trucking Moves America Forward Campaign Raises More Than $500,000 Since Launch

Trucking industry executives announced today that following the launch of the Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF) campaign in March it has raised more than a half-a-million dollars, which is more than halfway to its annual goal of one million dollars per year over the coming years.

Heavy Duty Trucking: Interconnected Trucking on the Horizon

In the not too distant future, everything in a trucking company will be connected – not just a carrier’s moving stock, but every device and piece of equipment within the operation. That was the message delivered by Kenneth J. Spangler, senior vice president and chief information officer with FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight, during his keynote address to attendees at the Carrier Logistics user conference and executive forum April 10 through 11 in White Plains, N.Y.

Overdrive Magazine: Five trucking companies make Forbes’ 100 Most Trusted Companies list

Mega fleets Con-way (No. 4 in the CCJ Top 250), Werner (No. 10), Old Dominion (No. 12), Knight (No. 25) and Marten (No. 46) were among Forbes’ annual 100 Most Trusted Companies list, released this week.

Toledo Blade: Semi truck expert Ron Hawkins, Jr. shares tips for driving on the highways

Ron Hawkins, Jr., wants to save your life, especially if you’re sharing the road with a semi truck. Say you’re driving and you need to get around the tractor-trailer in front of you. You decide to use the right lane to pass the semi. Bad idea, Mr. Hawkins says. Why? Because the truck driver cannot see you.

CCJ: Best of MATS: A recap of the trends and popular stories from the show

It was a year for connectivity and tech at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., last week: Remote diagnostics, in-dash systems to help train drivers and boost fuel economy, autonomous truck mechanisms, concept trucks and data highlighted the show’s annual announcements from truck, engine and component manufacturers. Here’s a look at some of the top announcements and stories to come out of MATS this year.

Transport Topics: Opinion: Trucking Is Essential to Our Way of Life

The public perception of professional truck drivers is not consistent with reality. Instead of hard-working, family men and women who are away from their families for long stretches of time, professional truck drivers can be seen as dangerous and an unwelcome highway hazard. The truth, however, is that today’s truck driver is a skilled professional who follows stringent safety guidelines and is experienced with the new and improved technologies that make trucks smarter, more fuel-efficient and safer than ever before.

Tire Business: Trucking industry launches image campaign

A coalition of trucking industry players, including the “Big 3” tire makers, is supporting an industry wide image and education campaign — called “Trucking Moves America Forward” — whose aim will be to build “political and grassroots support” for the industry’s interests.

Overdrive Magazine: OOIDA’s Spencer: Driver treatment a key element in ‘driver image’

In making the push for his group’s joint effort to build a new trucking and driver image initiative, Todd Spencer of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association said while dealing with the issue of “driver image,” the industry as a whole needs to “deal honestly” with issues that impact drivers’ negatively, like pay and treatment by shippers and receivers.

Today’s Trucking: Does Trucking Need a Facelift?

Trucking industry leaders announced an industry-wide image and education initiative, Trucking Moves America Forward, on Wednesday at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Kentucky. “Today’s modern truck drivers are skilled professionals and devoted family men and women, trained to focus on safety, efficiency and reliability while operating the safest and most sustainable trucks we have seen to-date,” said Steve Ponder, chairman, Trucking Moves America Forward and vice-president of Great West Casualty Company.

CCJ: Campaign aimed at promoting driver image, attracting new drivers unveiled

ACT 1 officially unveiled a new image campaign for the industry aimed at attracting drivers, educating the public about the industry’s ubiquitous role in American life and the U.S. economy and changing policy makers’ perceptions of trucking. The Trucking Moves America Forward campaign was announced March 26 at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky.

The Trucker: TCA, ATA leaders discuss issue facing trucking industry

The Truckload Carriers Association and the American Trucking Associations haven’t always seen eye to eye, but the current leaders of both organizations understand that they can accomplish more for trucking with cooperation than with conflict.

Heavy Duty Trucking: ATA, OOIDA, TCA and Others Launch Trucking Image Campaign

The trucking industry announced Wednesday the launch of an industry-wide image and education campaign, Trucking Moves America Forward, at the Mid-America Trucking Show with support from a diverse group of industry influencers including leading executives, professional truck drivers and technicians.