Ron Baird

Professional truck driver for 57 + years and 7.3 million accident-free miles

  • How important is safety when driving on the road?

    Safety is an absolute must. You have to be safe while driving. I’ve seen too many accidents on the road.

  • What are some of the safety tips you follow?

    I always pay attention to the other motorists around me and am constantly looking up ahead and around me. A safe following distance is necessary too.

  • What do you like most about trucking?

    I like traveling to different places all over the country. Trucking has taken me to 48 states and five providences in Canada. Trucking has even taken me to other countries. I’ve driven trucks in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Cuba while in Navy Sea Bees. I’m like a professional tourist! My favorite route to travel is Las Cruces going into Santa Rosa, New Mexico. I also really enjoy the scenery while driving in Utah and Colorado. I enjoy helping others, like taking children for a ride for the Make A Wish parades at truck shows. I have also enjoyed being of help to motorists and fellow trucker drivers, whether it’s helping someone change a tire on the road or helping with a truck stopped on the road.

  • Tell us about your award from the National Tank Truck Association.

    I was proud when I received the 2020-21 National Tank Truck Carriers Professional Tank Truck Driver of the Year. It’s a big deal! I always thought, if you’re a tank driver, this is your award to go for. I think any tank driver should set a goal to try to win this award. It makes you a better driver because you try harder, and it helps your company.

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