Jeff Tetzloff

Professional truck driver for 39 years and 4 million accident-free miles

  • How important is safety when driving on the road?

    Safety is one of my top priorities. When it comes to road safety, I take it one mile at a time, one day at a time. Everybody’s got family out there. I have a family and I want everyone to be safe. We all have to share the roads.

  • What advice would you give drivers on the road?

    Be patient. Be considerate. And, if you have to, slow down, especially in bad weather and in big cities.

  • What do you like most about trucking?

    Choosing the trucking industry as a career as one of the best decisions I made. Driving a truck is a blessing. It made a good life for my wife and kids. It’s been a rewarding career.

  • Tell us about your invitation to attend the White House.

    In April 2018, I was invited to attend the White House with ATA on behalf of Crete Carriers, one of the three trucking companies nationwide selected by ATA. Visiting the nation’s capital and attending a speech by the President at the White House Rose Garden was an amazing experience and I felt it was a privilege to be selected to represent his company and the industry at the White House. 35-years of trucking and who would have thought it would lead me to the White House!

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