Gina Jones

“Trucking… it’s amazing!”

Professional Truck Driver, Werner Enterprises

  • How did you get started in trucking?

    Ten years ago, my husband asked me to join him as a truck driver. It was a good time for me because my son just left to join the Army, and I had the time. So l left my retail management career at a grocery store chain and got my CDL at Southwest Trucking School in Phoenix. Now my husband and I get to drive together and team on our delivery route to Denver and back three times a week. I just turned 60. I am a late bloomer and proud of it! It’s never too late to change your career.

  • What have been proud moments for you in trucking?

    I’ve been honored to be a part of the 2022 America’s Road Team Captains where I get to help others. I am the only female in this class and the oldest! I have achieved 1.1 million accident-free miles in 8.5 years.

  • What would you tell others seeking to enter the industry?

    I thought I wouldn’t fit in this type of job because I am a very social person. But I was wrong. There are many opportunities for you in trucking. If you like to drive, see the road, help others, then this is for you. You can be a leader. You can team with someone from your trucking school. Even if you are retired, or lost a spouse, trucking is there for you.

  • What’s next for you?

    Events! As a Road Team Captain, I look forward to helping others learn how to drive safely and navigate the road.

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