Erica Denney

“Trucking can open so many doors.”

Director of Sales, Denney Transport

  • How did you first enter the business?

    I didn’t think much past my college volleyball days, in fact I thought I would go into the beef industry, but I did love my transportation class the most, so maybe that was a hint to come! After college, I took a job in insurance, and after one year into the job, my father called and asked me to help out. I agreed, and when I saw my name on the lot, I gave my two weeks and left my current job. I never looked back, and have been at Denney for six years.

  • What do you love most about trucking?

    The people, and what we are all trying to do. The fact that we are trying to run the country the best way possible. When I go to the grocery store, I think: we brought that. Your favorite dessert at Starbucks, we brought that. Your designer bag. The medicine you need. If we stopped, the country would stop.

  • Name a special time in trucking.

    Being a LEAD ATA graduate and being able to reach out to and lean on peers in the industry. Also, being able to share my views to business class students and supply chain clubs about the trucking industry because education is so critical on what we do and how the country runs.

  • What would you tell others trying to enter the industry?

    Trucking can open so many doors and you can feel good about what you do. It’s such a large industry, but it has a close knit, family feel; we back each other. What other industry does this? It’s so cool to think that at the end of the day, we aim to accomplish the same thing.

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