Derrick Thorpe

“You always have to think safety.”

Professional Truck Driver, TForce Freight

  • How did you get involved in the trucking industry?

    While I was fascinated by trucks from an early age, I did not join the trucking industry until later in my career. After serving in the U.S. Navy for six years, I worked as a computer engineer for 20 years. I also served in elected office for four years as Commissioner on the Planning Board for my city of Rahway in New Jersey working to help rejuvenate the city by bringing new development to the area. I’ve worn a lot of different hats throughout my career. Joining the industry was “full circle” for me.

  • How important is safety to you?

    You always have to think safety. When you are out there driving, you have people’s families and loved ones out there too. If you are driving a big truck, you have to be a professional all the time. Safety is part of being a professional. Without safety, I wouldn’t go home to my family, and you wouldn’t go home to yours. Safety is a choice, not a chance.

  • What has been a memorable moment in your career?

    A time when I was able to help a fellow driver on the road. I was driving and saw a pretty bad accident. I stopped, got out of my truck, and went over to the car. Thank god I tended to the person because the man was having a heart attack. I pulled the man out of the car, called 911 and stayed there with the man – talking with him and helping keep him calm while we waited for the police. He survived; I was able to save him.

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