Bill Krouse

Professional truck driver for 38 years and 3 million accident-free miles
Third-generation truck driver
Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) Certified

  • How did you get involved in TAT?

    When I was first approached by TAT, I wasn’t too aware about the human trafficking crisis. I didn’t know a lot about human trafficking. I didn’t know there was this big of a problem until I learned more about it. But once I found out about it, I had to act. I watched one of TAT’s videos and I said to myself, this is something I feel in my heart that I can talk to people about and make a difference.

  • How did TAT empower you?

    Now, I know what to look for. I’m much more aware of my surroundings than I was before and I’m always watching to see if anything is out of the ordinary.

  • What tips do you give other drivers about monitoring for human trafficking?

    I tell people – don’t be afraid to call. If you see something, call the national hotline. I’d rather have you call and be wrong then not call and be right. If you don’t call, you can’t help anybody. I try to get that planted in their heads. I also encourage people to keep an eye out in specific areas, which are considered high traffic areas for human trafficking, such as rest areas, truck rest stops, restaurants, and hotels.

  • What can other truck drivers do to be part of the anti-human trafficking efforts?

    Since truck drivers travel across the country, drivers are uniquely positioned to help aid law enforcement in anti-human trafficking efforts. We’re all over the country. That’s over 3 million drivers who can be scanning streets across the country. If you factor in all of the other transportation drivers, like bus drivers, taxi drivers, and others, that’s a lot of people who can help call something in.

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