Amber Edmondson

“There are an unlimited number of opportunities for women in trucking.”

President & CEO and Owner, Trailiner Corp.

  • How did your career in trucking begin?

    I first joined the family business in 1999 at the encouragement of my grandfather while I was completing my college degree in business. After graduating, my grandfather asked me to stay with the company and mentor with one of the executives there. Throughout my career, I learned all aspects of the family business. Now, it’s 23 years later and I’m still here! As President & CEO, I’m focused on the business strategy of the company to position the company for future opportunities and growth, while keeping the business running successfully and supporting my team.

  • What do you enjoy most about working in the trucking industry?

    What I love most about trucking is that no day is the same. There’s always something that keeps it interesting. You also get to interact with a broad, diverse group of people. I have gotten to meet people across the industry and it’s interesting to hear other people’s stories – especially those with similar stories to mine. I like hearing the stories of other people who are working in a family business – those who are working to keep the family atmosphere while keeping the business running from generation to generation.

  • What would you say to women who are considering a career in trucking?

    There are an unlimited number of opportunities for women in trucking. Women have the freedom of being out on the open road as a driver or working their way up in a company. There are a lot of women in executive leadership positions in trucking now. The opportunities are out there if you’re willing to put in the work and pursue those opportunities.

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