Every day, millions of trucks and professional truck drivers travel across the United States to help move America forward.

Did You Know?

The trucking industry is so essential that we couldn’t imagine life without it. Thousands of companies deliver thousands of items and supplies to thousands of locations every single day, keeping this nation’s economy functioning through their hard work, dedication, and service.


of all goods in the U.S. are moved by truckers

$732.3 Billion

the size of the U.S. trucking industry

$48.6 Billion

paid in federal & state highway taxes


of trucking jobs are held by minorities

7.65 Million

people employed in trucking jobs


of truck drivers are women

100K Miles

driven per year by average trucker driver

42 Million

trucks on the road

60 Trucks

in 2022 have same emissions as 1 truck in 1988

From stories of trucking families who represent the generations in the industry, to Black History Month leaders, women of trucking, and the professional drivers who have hauled the annual U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree, each of these trucking professionals has their own personal story to share. Learn about their lives in trucking, what drew them to the industry, and their motivation to keep on trucking.