Commercial Carrier Journal: Five years into campaign, trucking image group TMAF looks to continue growth

In the more than five years since trucking industry image group Trucking Moves America Forward launched, the goal has been to tell the story of trucking and truck drivers. Over the next five years, the group hopes to do more of the same.

Now mostly known simply as TMAF, the group is continuing to launch initiatives to promote the industry in a positive light to the general public and tell trucking’s story. Elisabeth Barna, executive vice president of industry affairs for ATA, said at the Great American Trucking Show last week the group has used social media and billboards as major tools to accomplish its goals through the first five years.

Kevin Burch, co-chair of TMAF and president of Jet Express, added that trailer wraps the group is selling to fleets have also made a big difference in getting TMAF’s message out to the general public. He said 240 of the wraps have been sold so far with each trailer being seen by an average of 16 million people as they move goods across the country.

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