Time to Enter FMCSA’s 2017 Kid’s Art Contest!

Everyone who uses the roads has a role to play in safety. This includes large trucks and buses, cars, bicyclists and pedestrians.

This contest lets children in kindergarten through sixth grade (ages 5-12) use their creativity and talent to help raise awareness of how to stay safe on the roads.

Children can:

  • Share Important Safety Messages
  • Have Your Art Featured in a Safety Calendar

Click here for more information and to submit your entry by Sept. 24, 2017.


Our Roads Art Contest

TMAF on iTruck Radio: Talking Mascot, Jamboree, and More!

Co-chairman Kevin Burch joined iTruck Radio to discuss the latest TMAF news, including the naming of our new mascot and its presence this week at the Truckers Jamboree in Walcott, Iowa. Listen to the full interview below: