WBRE: Students Get Glimpse of Truck Drivers View

BARTONSVILLE, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – We’ve all shared the road with tractor trailers, but truck drivers have a very different view from behind the wheel than we do.

Adam Warner stands in front of the classroom like a teacher, but he’s actually a tractor trailer driver with Walmart. Adam’s teaching high school students how to safely share the road with truckers like him.

“It’s not easy. Most motorists are speeding and driving distracted,” says Adam Warner, Walmart truck driver.

These students are part of MCTI, or Monroe County Career and Technical Institute. When they graduate, each plans to work around trucks.

One by one, each student climbed behind the drivers seat of a Walmart tractor trailer. Jamie Cole couldn’t;t believe what she saw, or more like what she didn’t see.


“The blind spots are crazy! You never know who is around you, and you need to be cautious,” Cole says.

“It’s important to be safe, or else people around you will be put in danger,” says Joshua Wortmann.

Tracy Fox with North Central Highway Safety Network says this is important because many schools don’t offer driver education programs anymore.

Fox says, “They’re inexperienced so this is something that can help them”.

Link (with video): WBRE

FleetOwner: Raising the profile of trucking nationally

Photos circulated widely last week of President Trump at the American Trucking Assns.’ (ATA) visit to the White House. What many may not have seen — or didn’t realize they were seeing — was a major ATA effort to raise the profile of trucking with the American people and motoring public.

Now three years in the running, ATA’s Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF) program designs attention-getting trailer wraps intended as “moving billboards” promoting the trucking industry and the role of drivers in keeping the supply chain and economy — and everyday life — moving.

ATA COO and Exec. Vice President of Industry Affairs Elisabeth Barna. (Aaron Marsh/ Fleet Owner magazine)

“These moving billboards, as we call them, are a great educational tool for the motoring public,” said Elisabeth Barna, ATA’s chief operating officer and a member of the TMAF executive committee, at the Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville. “They paint a picture that truck drivers are just like you and me — moms, dads, sisters, brothers — diminishing the notion of large trucks simply taking up space on the highways and instead, demonstrating the value that trucks deliver.”

She noted that at the time, ATA had sold 149 of the TMAF trailer wraps nationally and is now “well on the way to reaching a goal of 200 wraps on the road by the end of the year.” Barna also unveiled a round of new trailer designs at the show. The new designs, she said, “really bring what we carry and haul on those trailers to light, and these trailer wraps show how we make an impact on everybody’s everyday lives.”

In addition to the trailer wraps, the TMAF program also looks to engage the media in writing about trucking and connect with the public via social and digital media and marketing campaigns. The White House meeting last week was a big step in those efforts.

At the meeting, Barna explained, ATA was able to bring two trucks. One had a trailer with a U.S. flag, “and the other truck we decided to bring was one with a TMAF trailer because we thought it was so important to showcase Trucking Moves America Forward.”

A slide showing several new trailer wrap designs released by the Trucking Moves America Forward program. Click to enlarge. (Aaron Marsh/ Fleet Owner magazine)

“These two trailers were right outside the Oval Office on the South Lawn, which was a first,” she added. “And one of the reasons we were excited to be at the White House wasn’t just about ATA, but our entire industry. We were able to showcase what trucking is all about.”

One of ATA’s goals is to engage and work with President Trump and his administration on issues like infrastructure funding that affect the trucking industry, according to ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. The group also wants to emphasize trucking as an essential cog in the U.S. economy, which the new administration is focused on growing, and see that any changes to trade agreements like NAFTA — which also clearly would affect the U.S. trucking industry and many other businesses — are made with all due consideration.

But raising the profile and awareness of trucks and trucking among the American people is also part of the plan. It’s no small task, with many among the passenger car portion of the motoring public unaware of trucking’s critical contributions to the economy and exposed to trucks and trucking as more of an “us vs. them” situation as they encounter and perceive them out on the road.

Dayton, OH-based Jet Express brought one of its trucks with a TMAF trailer wrap to the Mid-America Truck Show. (Aaron Marsh/ Fleet Owner magazine)

RoadSquad Radio

Listen to what RoadSquad Radio had to say on TMAF’s three-year anniversary, following MATS 2017:


TMAF in 2016: By the Numbers


Live from Louisville: TMAF Turns 3

Celebrating our industry movement’s anniversary at the 2017 Mid-America Trucking Show

Greetings from Louisville: home of the Kentucky Derby, pork chops and, of course, the annual Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS).

MATS is an important event for every member of the trucking industry – an opportunity to engage with our peers and see all that the industry has in mind for now and the future. But for those of us involved with Trucking Moves America Forward, MATS holds a special place in our hearts.

It was here at MATS, three years ago, that the industry-wide image and education movement officially launched.

Over the past three years, we’ve worked hard to tell the powerful story of trucking and its role to the economy and the livelihood of every community. Our success is all thanks to a dedicated support base of drivers, companies, owner-operators and others who contribute to the industry in so many ways.

As we celebrate each anniversary at MATS, we take the time to reflect on everything we’ve accomplished over the previous year. In 2016, as our Annual Report title says, we’ve been “Reaching New Heights.” We’ve grown our online subscribers and donor bases to ramp up our digital media presence and marketing.

There’s a lot to be proud this year, including expanding our branding efforts with nearly 150 TMAF trailer wraps rolled out on the road. These “moving billboards” are a great educational tool for the motoring public, demonstrating the value that trucks deliver. In 2017, we’ve set our sights on developing trailer wraps with 3-D images and new messages.

Our online subscriber database continues to expand year after year, and we’ve grown at impressive rates on social media. In addition to growing our Facebook and Twitter followers this year, we’re excited to be on Instagram and LinkedIn (and Medium!) for the first time.

With every effort, we’re continuing to tell the story of why trucking is a vital industry. We launched a creative advertising campaign during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week in September, demonstrating how drivers are not only keeping America moving by delivering necessary goods – they are also our friends, neighbors and family members.


But appreciation for truckers and the industry goes far beyond a single week. It is something that we think about every day.

We’ve accomplished a lot these past three years, but there is always work to be done. As for the rest of 2017, we plan to keep the momentum going in a big way. We will soon launch a new industry branding video to further demonstrate the value of trucking. And soon, we’ll be introducing a new “member of the TMAF team” –  stay tuned next month for that exciting news.

If you’re at MATS this year, you’ll find TMAF has a large presence – we’re at the American Trucking Associations, OOIDA and Pilot Flying J booths. Come speak with us, learn more and sign the pledge to be a part of the movement. Be sure to stop by to see the TMAF-wrapped Jet Express truck in the parking lot outside the exhibition entrance.

And throughout 2017, look for us at the next trade shows, online, in the news and on the road. I can’t wait to see what we’ve accomplished by MATS 2018.

Norita Taylor, Director of Public Relations, MarketingOwner-Operator Independent Drivers Association

Trucking Goes to the White House

Trucking was front and center at the White House today!

TMAF white house2

Members of the American Trucking Associations, including ATA President & CEO Chris Spear, along with TMAF Co-chair Kevin Burch and several professional truck drivers and company executives, were invited to meet directly with President Donald Trump.

Drivers gave a personal tour to the president as he took a seat inside the cab of a truck in front of the White House.

Later, a round table of trucking company leaders introduced themselves and their company one by one to the president. The president stated the importance of American companies and his pledge to repair the nation’s infrastructure problems.

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RoadKing Magazine Features TMAF

From the March-April edition of RoadKing magazine:


TMAF Co-Chair Kevin Burch Featured on WHIO Channel 7 Report

Reporting on bottleneck traffic in the Dayton, Ohio area, and the results of ATRI’s latest traffic study, WHIO Channel 7 spoke with TMAF’s own Kevin Burch:

Delaware News Journal: Trucking group honors Seaford company’s charity works

Trucking Moves America Forward, a Washington, D.C.-based group that promotes the trucking industry, has recognized Trinity Logistics for its charitable contributions.

Trinity Logistics, a Seaford-based trucking and shipping company, partnered with a local food bank and Perdue last month to feed 250 families a Thanksgiving meal. For Christmas, Trinity partnered with local organizations to provide presents and essentials for seven families in need as part of its Trinity Christmas Families program.

Trucking Moves America Forward highlighted Trinity Logistics for making a difference in the community.

“The holidays are a time when all of us — friends, family, neighbors, communities — come together and share special moments and I couldn’t be more pleased to highlight the integral role trucking has in making this happen each year,” said Kevin Burch, chairman of Trucking Moves America Forward and president of Jet Express Inc.

Trinity Logistics was founded in 1979 and now has five service centers throughout the United States. In 2005, the company’s employees formed the Trinity Foundation, a non-profit, to give back to the community. Since its inception, the Trinity Foundation has donated $450,000 to more than 100 different organizations nationwide.

Trucking Moves America has 3.5 million professional drivers throughout the country.

Link: Delaware Online

Overdrive: 3D trailer graphic to promote trucking’s image expected in 2017

Trucking Moves America Forward, a trucking industry education and image campaign spearheaded by ATA, plans to make 3D trailer wraps and more affordable trailer wrap options in the coming year, the group announced last week.

Kevin Burch, co-chairman of TMAF, president of Jet Express and chairman of American Trucking Associations, said in a press conference last week the 3D wraps are still in the drawing stage, but said they would likely be available by the end of next year.

He also announced more affordable bottom rail wraps will be available in 2017. The bottom rail wraps will go around the lower 36-48 inches of the trailer. Burch estimates each wrap is seen by about 16 million people a year.

The group also announced last week it now has more than 3,000 members in its database. TMAF aims to supporting the group, whose goal is to educate legislators and the motoring public about the positive impact of the trucking industry.

TMAF raised $1.2 million in donations in 2016, as well as between $3 million and $5 million in what Burch called “in-kind” services, such as advertising space.

Link: Overdrive Online